He put her on display. Martin and Kendra Bell had the perfect life : he was a prominent and well-respected doctor. she was his gorgeous stay-at-home wife. who gave up her own medical career to raise their two beautiful children. He told her what to say. But cracks had appeared on the surface of their marriage. Kendra suspected that Martin wasn't the kind and generous man she fell in love with. And Martin believed that Kendra was hiding a drinking habit — what else could explain her rapid personality change ? He tried to change her.
And then someone guns Martin down in front of his own house. Despite Kendra's rock-solid alibi. suspicion falls on her shoulders. Five years later. Martin's killer remains at large. and Kendra remains a suspect. But no one owns her. Now, with Martin's parents threatening to take her children from her, Kendra will have to get help from the only people who believe she's innocent : Laurie and the Under Suspicion team.
And what they uncover will change everything.

You don't own me, Mary Higgins Clark

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